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How To Change Roblox Age. Answer (1 of 24) All of hese answers are correct but you MUST be 13+ (in roblox database) to change If you acidentally set your age under that then email roblox support at [email protected] Apr 19 2019.

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Once you exceed that age range it is possible to modify this parameter in the configuration Change age for over 13 years The procedure is very simple because you only have to login to your account Roblox with your email and password Later go to the tab setting and click on the section account information.

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Since you’re looking to change your age on Discord select the “Update my age information” option Next you need to provide your actual date of birth On the “Date of Birth” field enter your date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) For example if your birthday is on 2nd February 2000 enter “02/02/2000”.

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How to change age or birthday on Roblox account using mobileOn your mobile open any web browser and go to Robloxcom/home It’s preferable to useEnter your username/email/phone and password to sign inTap on the Settings icon at the upper right (gear icon).

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Go to a dresser or whatever you have available that could be used to change your clothing (or in this case age) Interact with it Click/tap on ‘Customize Character ‘ There will be an age bar at the top of your screen Apr 7 2019 What is the age for Bloxburg? Play and Learn in Roblox Welcome to Bloxburg (Ages 812).

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How Do I Change My Age Login to your account Go to account settings Browser t he gearicon located at the upperright corner of the site Mobile Apps the three dots icon for More.