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Mimic Girl From Roblox. Kill Effects can customize how a player killed by the user (including themselves) dies They can be bought in the shop earned through flair crates or earned through an event Along with all the effects is a shuffle effect which makes the players die with all the kill effects you have Originally the Fade kill effect was going to make the enemy turn into black sparkles The Scoobis kill.

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Futao is a main character in The Mimic The Witch Trials She can first be seen in The Witch Trials Part III roaming alongside Mote within Kyoto Town Futao is a beautiful yet monstrous woman who wears a white floral stained dress with an exposed ribcage She also wears an orient hat with the same texture as her dress She has long silky dark hair and a cold lifeless face.

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Sama (様) also known as Kintoru (金とる) is one of the monsters (Enzukai Netamo and Yuma) and the primary antagonist of Book 1 She is one of the four beasts that rampaged across the earth She is recognized as The Beast of Control A bored eldritch God created Kintoru Enzukai Netamo and Yuma due to wanting tools/puppets They became the 4 beasts The four beasts.

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Biwaki was a puppet of Sama in The Mimic She can be first seen in Chapter 1 in the second floor of the hotel She is the daughter of Kaito and Niko Biwaki appears to be a short girl with long dark hair tied in a bun with multiple bangs hanging a pink and red flower crown a white dress and a brown colored biwa with two symmetrical crescent moons near the strings She plays a tune.