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Pat and Jen pronounce his name “Dr Paaaaaaaaaiiiiin” Dr BOOM is the explosives expert in THE BEAST’s gang Prison Weirdo ‘Nuff said Greedy Prisoner stole a lot of ore from the prison he broke out of Pat and Jen stole his crowns and left him and the Prison Weirdo at a temporary base Herobrine the main antagonist of the Crafting Dead series He is also the “father” of Jen.

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The Roblox Titanic Experience • Jeruhmi • The Roblox Titanic Experience with the best person to share a sinking ship with Spoiler The ship does actually sink.

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Popularmmos pat and jen roblox survive the titanic!!! How to redeem codes in ice cream simulator it’s a quick and easy process to redeem codes in ice cream simulator! open up the game and look for the blue twitter button the side of the screen click on that and you’ll open up a menu that you can input codes into copy one of the codes from our list and paste it into.

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In Roblox Pat and Jen post on both of there channels Pat does it weekly and Jen does it weekly on her channel from her point of veiw This series was highly request among there fanbase with “pls play roblox” as a top comment on most of there videos All of there Roblox videos are highly supported Natural Disaster Survival The Normal Elevator Roblox Lucky Blocks Extreme HideMissing titanicMust include.